17s. Telefunken E381S.

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Telefunken E381S receiver.

Telefunken E381H/E381S (receiver type 1V2): RES 094 (RF), 3x RE 084 k (Det. + AF)

E381S. It covers 14.6kHz-20MHz, and seems to be a receiver used by Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.
The early version E381H seems to have been designed when Luftwaffe was a part of Kriegsmarine. It is mentioned as a simple Allwellen-empfänger and covers 14.6kHz-20MHz.
The later version has a meter for anode- and heater-voltages, the mount differs on different models. It is several versions of this receiver, some is mentioned in DL2IE's book. An older version of E381S has the meter mounted different. Mine is 39'version and has pot-cores for some inductors. It has two wavetraps (notchfilters) 100-300 and 300-1000kHz., the switch which was intended for crystal detector is now used for wavetrap (Note **). I suspect the emergency crystal detector was for the Navy, not for Luftwaffe - if they had no supply voltage, they couldn't fly. The first version appeared in 1932, and the last in 1942. So one should be impressed by the delivering program kept by Telefunken.

Bereich Frequenz
1 ... 14,6 ......... 45,5 kHz
2 ... 41,7 ....... 136,4 kHz
3 ..122,9 ....... 411 kHz
4 ...366 ...... 1 250 kHz
5 1,160 ...... 4,290 MHz
6 3,480 ...... 6,100 MHz
7 4,800 ...... 8,350 MHz
8 6,600 .... 11,000 MHz
9 8,950 .... 16,000 MHz
10 14,000 ...20,000 MHz

Documents: The receiver is mentioned with simplified circuit diagram in Fritz Trenkle: Die deutschen Funkführungsverfahren bis 1945 pg53, and it is also possible to request documents from DL6VW, Werner Gierlach.

Verwendungzweck: Telefunken-Universalempfänger ("Brotkasten") Spez 860 Bs (E381S).
Vier-Röhren-Zweikreis-Geradeausprinzip mit Rückkoplungsaudion. 15kHz ... 20MHz in 10 Bereichen.
Verwendung in ortsfesten oder Schiffs-Funkstationen [für Detektor-Notempfang eingerichtet.
(DL7SK J. Richter)**]


E381S (Model 1939)
seen from the front. It differs from earlier models in that the meter is mounted with a frame.
It has also two sets of rejection circuits instead of only one, and somewhat different notch ranges

E381S Circuit diagram

A difference from the earlier version is that mine has no coherer, but an extra set of notchfilter

Power requirements:
+3,8V 0,35A
100V 20mA
-1,5V zero current
-3V zero current

page e97 for power supply.

Suggested circuit to simplify bias requirement.

Alternative valve type: Re084K may be difficult to find. Another suggestion is Re074, which - apart from the filament voltage is exactly the same as 1H4G (2V filament voltage), so you may mount an 1H4 in the socket for RE074 and adjust the bias voltage to suit the alternative valve



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